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Genuine reviews written by appreciative clients and colleagues.
Feel free to check Google Reviews.

"Our matter was complex and taking years to resolve. [Name of ex-partner withheld] was impossible to deal with. I never thought this would end.

"I can't thank you enough for what you did for us and particularly [name of daughter]. I thought sometimes we could never win but you got the result we wanted and most importantly what was best for our daughter."


Family Law - Children.


"We left another firm because they were simply charging a lot and getting no results and time was dragging on without anything but money down the drain. We knew it wasn't a simple matter but we were getting nowhere.

"We came to you, you changed the strategy and pulled off a financial settlement that was fair and your fees were a lot less than the last firm.

We can't thank you enough."


Family Law - Financial

"Mark, you drew up our wills professionally, fast and at a fraction of what some others quoted. Most importantly you were very thorough. Happy to recommend you to anyone that needs a good will done."


Wills client

“He was highly intelligent…he showed an ability…to understand the complex legal issues involved in a High Court challenge in a novel area of law.

“Secondly, he had the ability to think laterally about problems and had a highly developed ability to understand and deal with arguments against positions in which he firmly believed.

“Thirdly, he struck me as a very hard worker. While working long hours he was always willing and able to put in extra time the exigencies of the case required.”

Dr DMJ Bennett AO QC

Former Commonwealth Solicitor General, (re our collaboration on a successful High Court Appeal)

“Entering the family court process was not an easy part of my life. It is a stressful time when you are unfamiliar with legal procedures.

​“Mark’s calm and professional approach was greatly appreciated and It was reassuring to know that my case was well looked after.

“I always felt that I was in safe hands and the pain of the process was taken away thanks to the guidance and advice that I received. I will certainly recommend Mark without hesitation to anyone who needs advice and assistance in family matters.”
DP - Family Law client

“You have no idea how much stress you just took off my life knowing I have planned for my children and family no matter what happens to me.”       

NJ Wills & Estate client

“Thanks for the most recent help you have provided to me for my matters. I am comforted by the way that you seem to focus right on the issue, even as I fumble around that same issue.

Your advice gives me great solace and I am glad you have chosen to represent me in my matters. The approachable nature with which you address my concerns, and the people that you seem to conjure out of thin air to assist when it is appropriate is like service I have never seen in legal assistance. I am grateful for your help.”

Sincerely C.K.


"You got the facts, you saw through years of torrid and never ending argument, you analysed the best approach, put it into action fast and brought this matter to a successful end. You are worth every cent I paid and more.

M.F. - a client with a long running dispute.


​“I am very pleased with the work that you have done. I would like to thank you for your utmost diligence and professionalism.”

B.C - Wills & Estate client

Thanks very much again for your work on these wills. We have really appreciated your excellent guidance and advice, and you have made the process very clear and straightforward.

DB - Wills & Estate client Canberra

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